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A private jet is a significant investment, and the purchasing process is extremely complex. Our experts will guide you every step of the way. From helping identify the right aircraft to fulfill your needs to leveraging our vast network to locate it, we’ll make your private jet purchasing experience as seamless as traveling with us.

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When private jet ownership makes sense

If you currently fly more than 75 hours per year, it may be time to consider private jet ownership. Especially when you consider the time savings or increased profit for your business that may offset some of the costs of ownership. As experts in personal aviation, our team can help you analyze the costs and benefits of potential ownership, as well as other options that make sense for your situation, such as our Jet Card Program.

Finding the perfect aircraft

Our Jet Linx Acquisitions & Sales experts get to know you and your travel needs to identify the ideal private jet.

The right seating capacity, the right range, and the right amenities – these are all important considerations when choosing a private jet. Once we thoroughly understand your most important travel destinations and desires, our expert agents get to work finding the perfect aircraft to fit your needs.


Is private jet ownership the right solution?

Here are six considerations to help you get started

understanding the costs of buying a private jet

Aside from the initial purchase price, there are many other costs associated with private jet ownership. Before we help our clients purchase their private jet aircraft, we educate them on added costs to form a clearer picture of what private jet ownership looks like from a financial perspective. Our team values honesty and transparency from the outset of the process, so we clearly define all costs and expenses associated with buying a private jet.

Maintenance & Operating Costs

Jet Linx often receives volume discounts (up to 15% off) due to the size of our fleet. This figure is largely dependent on how many hours are flown and the type of aircraft purchased. While operating costs can mount, Jet Linx offers built-in revenue through the Jet Card program to help offset these costs. Few other operators can make this promise.

Fuel is the single largest expense when owning a plane. To remain competitive with the market and offer the best experience, we research the best programs and negotiate the fairest prices through partnerships with major fuel vendors and FBOs nationwide. Significant fuel savings are passed on to plane owners, reducing private jet maintenance costs by a minimum of 15%. The effort to negotiate fuel prices remains a fluid process but our team remains committed to passing on the greatest amount of fuel savings to the plane owner.

Aircraft owners are responsible for the costs of hangaring their plane, but our accounting teams and operations professionals handle the administrative and logistical burdens. Our team negotiates aggressively to offer the most competitive price for hangar space by using fuel volume as a leverage point. As a result, we offer some of the most competitive storage rates in the private jet industry.

Jet Linx manages administrative services necessary to crew pilots for your aircraft, including hiring, training, scheduling, payroll, and benefits. During the pilot hiring process, you’ll have the ability to review resumes, participate in the interview process, and provide final approval. Our pilots are subject to a rigorous pre-employment screening and onboarding process including crew member orientation, TSA-mandated fingerprinting-criminal background records check, FAA crew member records check (PRIA), drug and alcohol testing and Part 135 crew member aircraft simulator training and line check. Clients also benefit from the volume of pilot hiring at Jet Linx; many pilot training events come at a discounted rate due to the steady stream of hiring and training done at Jet Linx. These savings are passed on to the plane owners.

Jet Linx works closely with insurance brokers and underwriters to keep tabs on Loss Runs, which result in competitive, industry-best premiums for aircraft owners. Coverages within the insurance policy remain high as a result of ongoing negotiation to benefit plane owners. Each and every claim is evaluated and scrutinized to determine what could have been done to prevent or mitigate damages. Much of the private jet repair work is kept in-house to control maintenance costs and to effectively manage the return to service through dedicated private jet maintenance teams.

Aircraft Management

When you make an investment as significant as the purchase of a private jet, you need to know your aircraft is being managed by the best. Our turnkey Aircraft Management solution is trusted by private jet owners across the nation. From personnel management and pilot training to maintenance and generating a return on your aircraft investment, we handle everything.

your personal jet company

A private Jet Card Membership is one of several core Jet Linx programs. Our Aircraft Management program and Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales support experts provide private jet solutions beyond Jet Card Membership.

Aircraft Management

Jet Linx Aircraft Management is structured to provide full service, local support backed by a national infrastructure, delivering hassle-free aircraft management services and an industry-best experience. With cost savings, the highest standard of safety and service, built-in revenue generation, exclusive client benefits, long term stability and private Bases nationwide, we offer benefits that few other aircraft management companies can provide.

Jet Card Membership

Guaranteed availability, guaranteed hourly rates, and a guaranteed highest standard of safety are the pillars of our Jet Card Membership. Along with a level of personalized, local service guaranteed to not only meet your travel expectations, but exceed them.

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